Recently I stood in front of 70+ credit union CEOs to present tools that may help them and their team analyze data in new ways. We took a look at new tools for credit union board members and credit union executives to review data points about their credit unions in comparison to other data points from any device that has a connection to the internet. We took a look at how credit union executives can use the concept of dashboard style tools within CU*BASE to review where members are spending their money and how much their staff has refunded in fees to their members.

Speaking to a group of CEOs is different than speaking to a group of credit union employees. Interacting with credit union employees is where I have spent the majority of my career at CU*Answers. Whether it be from a client support role or from a project development role, it has most of the time been an interaction with a credit union employee. Therefore, there has always been a mindset of education. I am always thinking of how I can educate and enable the employee to be able to use the tools in the future. CEOs are more interested in the cliff notes. What is the summarized perspective of what my employees can do? And this is an art form. An art form that I must perfect.

How do you speak with CEOs?

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  1. It is a different conversation…..CEO think about winning as much as doing. Return as much as investment. And their responsibility to the long term as their worries about here and now. So as you talk with a CEO Group you have to relate to those ideas more than just selling the “how to” with tech. You might even have to challenge the why what looks good NOW is really too much about nothing to add up to a win! Or whether doing something for X$ is more than busy work to pacify an itch more than earn a return to contribute to key goals. Or how ideas like you will grow into your expenses have to be used sparingly not to overwhelm your chances long term. Asterisk Intelligence needs to make sure that CUs invest and act for analysis, not just invest in data processing. Data Analytics is a topic where the shine in the short term has to be balanced with the reality of member goals not just neat things for a quick high. Best way to learn how to present to CEOs: practice and be accountable to their long term instincts.

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