In order to create a business about data, one must be inspired to actually take the plunge into data. Data is everywhere and without diving in, we will be lost within the sea of data. The goal with this blog is to teach, negotiate, and challenge the community of those who are invested in data and how a business can be built surrounding the data that they are impacted by each and every day. Concepts and ideas will be generated to entice readers to think about what they are doing with data, and how they can improve on those operations.

Can we build a business with data together? Hopefully you will join in on the discussion.

About Keegan

I began my career at CU*Answers in 2007 as a Client Service Representative, and was then promoted to a managerial position within the department. By 2012, I moved on to the CU*Answers Management Services team, as the leader of the newly minted Earnings Edge brand. Since its inception, I have led the Earnings Edge team to drive growth and efficiencies for credit union customers and owners. My expertise, experience, and level of organization that helps credit unions reach their goals of becoming high-performing cooperatives has helped me become recognized by my peers.

Most recently, I have been tasked with managing the Asterisk Intelligence team. The Asterisk Intelligence team works with credit unions to establish business intelligence teams, develop business intelligence strategies and develop external data warehouse strategies.